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Dr. Walser Dental GmbH has been manufacturing dental instruments for distribution worldwide since1948. The company has registered numerous patents. Developments for dentists by dentists include a sophisticated system of tooth filling matrices, the socalled Walser ® Matrices with forceps. This perfect modern system is the outcome of exhaustive scientific and practical experience and the continued development of a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Many parts are manufactured with great effort by hand since the company was founded. It is very important for us to hold and to safe jobs in Germany. Why dentists work with Walser ® Dental Matrices in more than 120 countries daily: Dentists trust us as manufacturers for dental instruments since we have developed this ingenious matrix system for the practice from the practice and manufacture it in-house by hand. Practical and scientific experiences were brought in into this perfect system of today by the steady development of various fits for decades.

Products and services

Assortment Walser ® Matrices (no. 1-25) with forceps
Assortment Walser ® Matrices (no. 1-18) with forceps
Assortment Walser ® Matrices (no. 1-10) with forceps
Walser ® Kids Assortment


Walser® Matrix ON-shape. One grip. Click. Fits.

Filling most posterior teeth in the dental arch - special matrix cervically tightened around the tooth: Conventional matrix systems do not provide a convincing solution for most posterior teeth and extra large molars, because most posterior teeth can not be wedged. Unlike Walser: The no. 23/24 is ideal for such cases. It fits distocervical automatically, comfortably placed in seconds with one hand movement, prevents overstuffing and saves you from the grinding away of surplus. A real facility!

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Walser ® Matrix O-shape. One grip. Click. Fits.

Unlike conventional matrices and sectional matrices you can put a Walser® matrix with a single motion. In seconds! The annoying fiddling in the mouth of your patients has an end. Watch for yourself. Our user video shows you how quickly and easily you can put on a Walser® matrix over a cofferdam clamp. At complete fit and need seldom wedges! Also particularly suitable for composites. Time is money. Also in your surgery. The "One grip. Click. Fits."- principle of the Walser® matrix pays off.

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Walser® Matrix X-shape. One grip. Click. Fits.

Ideal for children and adults. X-shape for two fillings simultaneously. In the medication of two dihedral fillings and existing interdental space the X-shape brings a real facility - especially for children. Because usually due to their impatience, only one filling will be laid. That will not only please the children! Unlike conventional matrices and sectional matrices you can put or remove a Walser® matrix with a single motion. In seconds! Time is money. Also in your surgery.

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News & Innovations

Invention captures the World
Dr. Walser Dental recently presented its new invention at the world’s largest dental trade fair.

Already years ago, dentists had asked the managing director of Dr. Walser Dental, Gerhard R. Daiger, to develop a dental product that would allow dentists to fill four surfaces of a tooth. So, in recent years, Daiger has come up with some solutions, but none was really useful and feasible. Weeks ago, he finally came up with the brilliant idea.

And so, in many time-consuming experiments and tests, Gerhard Daiger developed a dental matrix (a kind of formwork around the tooth) for 4-surface fillings, which automatically adapts to the tooth. At the same time, he contacted patent attorneys to register and protect the trademark worldwide.

Even before the initial results of selected dentists who were to test the new product, he recently went with his company Dr. Walser Dental and his team as an exhibitor at the world's largest dental fair and had a huge success. Out of 2,327 exhibiting companies with hundreds of thousands of exhibited products and trade visitors from 166 countries, Daiger's new invention was voted into the "Highlights". So the rush was great during an interview with a camera crew. Especially when his team presented the prototype and then got as many orders from around the world. "I did not expect so much success because the experience from the past showed that new products take time to be accepted," says Gerhard Daiger.

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Again awarded at the SME Award for Corporate Social Responsibility
312 medium-sized businesses applied for the LEA-Award 2017. The LEA-Award is issued by the Ministry of Economy, Labour and Housing Baden-Württemberg together with "Caritas" and "Diakonie" in Baden-Württemberg. It is an appreciation for the voluntary social engagement of small and medium-sized businesses. All businesses in the federal state with up to 500 employees could apply for the Award for the social responsibility of medium-sized businesses in Baden-Württemberg.

"The Commitment of entrepreneurs is characterized by an incredible creative drive and a high level of sense of responsibility. Continuously and encouraged they participate actively in their own location, their surroundings or worldwide." This is a significant contribution for our society", so the organisers of the nationwide competition, with the most participants, in the range of Corporate-Social-Responsibility (CSR) of small and medium-sized businesses.
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Best of 2018" for the Walser® matrix system
Dr. Walser Dental was awarded with "Best of 2018“ in the medical technology category for its „Set of 25 Walser ® Matrices“

The most advanced products were awarded in a total of 14 categories - from drive and fluid technology through microsystem technology to suppliers.

The independent jury, with its 40 experts consisting mainly of professors from Germany and Austria, scientists, industry representatives and trade journalists of the Industry Award, honored Dr. Walser Dental in the category medical technology with the "Set of 25 Walser® Matrices" with the title "Best of 2018". The Walser® matrices are applied with just one hand movement in seconds and adapt automatically to the conical tooth shape without screws and spanners. In addition, the Walser® matrix system offers many unbeatable advantages. There is no comparable matrix system in the world market.

The team of Dr. Walser Dental is pleased about the award. Already last year the Dr. Walser Dental has been voted one of the "12 trade fair highlights“ with its innovation, out of tens of thousands of presented products of 2305 exhibiting companies from 59 countries, at the International Dental Show, the world's largest dental fair in Cologne.
30 specialist journalists came to the booth of Dr. Walser Dental to inquire about the innovation. The next day, the RTL television team followed and interviewed the Managing Director of Dr. Walser Dental, Senator h.c. Gerhard R. Daiger. Previously, the innovative product was presented at own exhibition booths in Dubai, later Barcelona, Vietnam and New York.

The jurors evaluate the submitted products and solutions according to a defined criteria catalog. Decisive for an award include the progress (novelty, product maturity and future orientation) as well as the economic, social, environmental and technological benefits.
Self-organizing factories that promote and integrate industrial value creation are an important component of Germany's economic success. For the thirteenth time, the Huber Verlag has awarded the INDUSTRY AWARD for particularly advanced industrial solutions.
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