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You want to know who we are? In brief: a medium-sized family business in the dental industry based in Germany – with great passion for our work and a wonderful team, for more than 30 years. We develop, produce, and sell materials and CAD/CAM systems for dental technicians and dentists. Our SHERACLASSIC department involve the products for traditional dental technology, SHERAdigital also includes the workflow from scanner to 3D printer for dental technology.

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SHERA rocks again
SHERA has recently expanded its portfolio of 3D printing resins. A new addition is the model material SHERAprint-model UV in the colour smoky white. The material is used for the production of high-precision working models. The light shade of the material increases the contrast and improves its depth effect. The neutral grey colour makes it easier for the human eye to be able to precisely differentiate between tooth shades. This gives greater control over the shade of dental restorations.

A novelty is the stand alone software SHERAeasy-base. It revolutionizes impression taking and bite registration. This prevents sources of error and optimizes the cooperation between dentist and dental technician.

SHERAGET TO PLASTER, a new type 3 model plaster that is extremely easy to mix compared to others, remains cool in the event of deviations in processing and boasts a silky surface. SHERA turned the tones and found melodious names like sky, sun, snow and silver for the four colours.

SHERAprint-model plus UV smoky white

Sheraprint-model UV in the colour smoky white is for producing highly precise working models and its updated looks provide a number of technical benefits. The light shade of the material increases the contrast and improves its depth effect. This gives greater control over the shade of the dental restorations. Sheraprint-model UV can be printed in both 50 µm and 100 µm. This saves about one-third of the production time – an advantage in orthodontic dentistry, if many aligner models are needed.

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Sheraeasy-base is a new software for 3D printing individual trays up to bite registrations. In the process shape and design of the individual tray are matched to the impression material. The parameters of the most common processes such as monophasic, double-mix or correction impressions are implemented. As each material has different properties, such as flow behaviour or hardness, the impression tray is automatically adapted to it. (compatible with any CAD environment with open Stl data.

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Shera loudly draws attention to the type 3 hard plaster. Sheraget to plaster is developed for opposing, situation and repair models with a very smooth surface that comes close to the quality of a type 4 model stone. It is very easy to mix and pour. The components of the new plaster are adjusted in such a way that the parameters remain stable despite slight deviations in processing. Sheraget to plaster is available in four colours, which bear the sonorous names sky, sun, snow and silver.

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