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VOCO has been supplying dentists around the world with high-quality dental materials since 1981 and is regarded as one of the world’s leading manufacturers within the sector. Fielding a comprehensive portfolio of more than 100 products, VOCO supplies dental practices and dental laboratories in over 100 countries with medicinal products and medical devices “Made in Germany” for prophylactic, restorative, and prosthetic dentistry. All VOCO preparations are developed, manufactured, and assembled solely at state-of-the-art laboratories and production facilities at the company headquarters in Cuxhaven. VOCO ensures the ongoing and conscientious adherence to the highest quality standards for the brand products “Made in Germany”.

Products and services


Professional cleaning


Restoratives (ORMOCER®s)
Restoratives (Composites)
Restoratives (Compomers)
Restoratives (Glass ionomer materials)


CAD / CAM material
Core build-up
Denture relining


3D Printer
Small devices


SolFlex 3D printer at a glance

• Sensor Monitored Production
Intelligent laser sensor monitors layer building and increases
print speeds up to 40 %
• Print Truly Clear Ortho Appliances and Extremely Precise
Advanced 385 nm DLP prints crystal clear without
yellowing like most 3D printers
• Patented Flex-Vat Technology
Faster speeds and fewer support structures
• Pixel Stitch Technology (PST)
Higher accuracy across a larger build platform

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Futurabond U

Dual-curing universal adhesive

• One bond for all cases! Makes all other adhesives in the practice redundant
• Self-etch, selective-etch or total-etch – free choice for the practitioner
• Outstanding versatility of application
• Applied in one layer – only 35 seconds total working time
• Outstanding adhesion compared to other universal, self or total-etch adhesives
• Moisture tolerant
• Refrigeration not necessary

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Meron Plus QM

New paste-paste Version

• Excellent adhesion to the dental structure
• Precise marginal fit
• Moisture and acid resistant
•Self-adhesive: secure and quick bonding without primer or conditioner
•Excess material can be removed without waiting thanks to optional short-time light polymerisation
•QuickMix syringe ensures optimal application and a reliable mixing ratio

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News & Innovations

Futurabond U
Futurabond® U – Dual-curing universal adhesive

With the dual-curing SingleDose Futurabond U VOCO offers the market's only true universal adhesive in a disposable applicator. Besides the incredibly simple handling of the SingleDose the Futurabond U provides practitioners an outstanding range of options for application, as much with regard to indications as to selection of the etching technique or the curing mode. Self-etch, selective-etch or total-etch: Futurabond U allows practitioners to freely select how they wish to condition the dental hard tissue, depending on the individual clinical situation and their preferred way of working.

Applied in a single layer, this universal adhesive creates a strong bond to enamel and dentine, thus ensuring a durable, gap-free bond between the dental hard tissue and the restorative material. At the same time it offers firm adhesion to different materials such as metal, zirconium/aluminium oxide and silicate ceramics without any additional primer. An outstanding bond strength is also guaranteed in cases of chemical curing, thus making Futurabond U ideal for luting posts within the root canal.

This universal adhesive is fully compatible with all light-curing, dual-curing and self-curing methacrylate-based composites and is suitable for both direct and indirect restorations – and without any additional activator for dual-curing. Futurabond U can furthermore be used for desensitising hypersensitive tooth necks and after cavity preparation, and it is suitable as a protective varnish for glass ionomer cement restorations.

The patented SingleDose guarantees fast, simple working as mixing errors are ruled out from the start, and the product is very hygienic. Futurabond U is available as a trial kit containing 20 SingleDose blister packs, a 2 ml Vococid syringe plus cannulae, as well as 20 SingleTim for application. The bonding material also comes in SingleDose packs of 50 and 200.

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Meron Plus QM
Meron Plus QM – New paste-paste Version

Resin-reinforced glass ionomer luting cement in QuickMix syringe

In Meron Plus QM, VOCO is offering a resin-reinforced glass ionomer luting cement in a paste-paste version in the practical QuickMix syringe, naturally with all the advantages of the tried-and-tested Meron Plus products – from self-adhesion to the thin film thickness right up to the continuous fluoride release. High adhesion values above those of a conventional glass ionomer luting cement ensure secure and reliable hold even in unfavourable conditions such as those encountered with short cores. The working time of 2 minutes (from the start of mixing) offers sufficient time for the luting of both individual restorations and bridges. At the same time, the products in the Meron Plus range all boast outstanding flow properties without unwanted flowing away and a high moisture tolerance.
Meron Plus QM is self-curing. Once the gel phase is achieved, the excess material can be removed simply and cleanly. In addition, the curing can also be individually controlled when removing the excess. Simply cure the excess material for 5-10 seconds and remove directly.

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SolFlex 3D printers – additive digital dentistry

In three sizes for laboratories and practices

An ever growing number of dental and practice laboratories are digitalising their workflows. The SolFlex 3D printer from VOCO paves the way for additive production technologies. The combination of scans with subsequent design and 3D printout allows users to create, for example, models and splints for orthodontic dentistry both quickly and precisely. The SolFlex printer comes in three sizes for use in both laboratories and practices.
The SolFlex 3D printer uses the tried and tested DLP (digital light processing) units. Together with the innovative high-performance UV LEDs used, it is capable of printing layer after layer with an exceptional degree of precision.
Furthermore, it is based on a solid state UV-LED light source with a low level of energy consumption and a long service life. The outstanding performance stability of the light source leads to a highly reproducible printing process. The use of a patented flexible vat (Flex Vat) results in only minimal pull-off forces. As such, it is possible to generate thinner and finer components whereby only minimal support material is required. The SolFlex 650 is also available with the PowerVat for precise printing of highly viscous materials / massive objects.
The light source of the SolFlex 350 and 650 move into different positions in order to keep the same distance between the light source and the build object. Thanks to the moving lightsource, also known as Pixel Stitch technology (PST), building quality and precision will remain high regardless of where the object is placed on the platform.

The SolFlex 3D printers are available either with or without sensor technology (Sensor Monitored Production - SMP). A laser sensor system monitors the construction process whilst also enabling optimization of the construction speed. The SMP technology makes printing up to 40% faster.
Weighing between 15 and 20 kg, all the SolFlex printers are very light. The printers takes up roughly the same amount of space as a conventional PC printer. The large vat volume also allows the devices to run without supervision, for example, over night.

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