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SolFlex 3D printers – additive digital dentistry

In three sizes for laboratories and practices

An ever growing number of dental and practice laboratories are digitalising their workflows. The SolFlex 3D printer from VOCO paves the way for additive production technologies. The combination of scans with subsequent design and 3D printout allows users to create, for example, models and splints for orthodontic dentistry both quickly and precisely. The SolFlex printer comes in three sizes for use in both laboratories and practices.
The SolFlex 3D printer uses the tried and tested DLP (digital light processing) units. Together with the innovative high-performance UV LEDs used, it is capable of printing layer after layer with an exceptional degree of precision.
Furthermore, it is based on a solid state UV-LED light source with a low level of energy consumption and a long service life. The outstanding performance stability of the light source leads to a highly reproducible printing process. The use of a patented flexible vat (Flex Vat) results in only minimal pull-off forces. As such, it is possible to generate thinner and finer components whereby only minimal support material is required. The SolFlex 650 is also available with the PowerVat for precise printing of highly viscous materials / massive objects.
The light source of the SolFlex 350 and 650 move into different positions in order to keep the same distance between the light source and the build object. Thanks to the moving lightsource, also known as Pixel Stitch technology (PST), building quality and precision will remain high regardless of where the object is placed on the platform.

The SolFlex 3D printers are available either with or without sensor technology (Sensor Monitored Production - SMP). A laser sensor system monitors the construction process whilst also enabling optimization of the construction speed. The SMP technology makes printing up to 40% faster.
Weighing between 15 and 20 kg, all the SolFlex printers are very light. The printers takes up roughly the same amount of space as a conventional PC printer. The large vat volume also allows the devices to run without supervision, for example, over night.

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Exhibitor: VOCO GmbH


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